Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing fancy but very functional and dependable

We only own one vehicle but it has been surely enough for our needs. We’re thinking of getting another one though if we were to consider that I may get pregnant and having another vehicle will make life easier for us and the baby. But right now, we’re still shopping around. Jeff was more eager than me to get me a car. I thought I should need to practice more and be confident with my driving before I’ll have my own vehicle because I think it would be impractical to just have it sit in the garage. Whenever I feel ready to drive alone, I’ll drag hubby to a nearest car dealer in town, haha! Our current vehicle is a Chevy truck and hubby has been using it for almost 7 years but it has proven to be very dependable especially with our mini-trips and travels. Not even once that we were in need to pull over because of any breakdowns. Although I’m sure 24 hour towing service is just a cell phone away. But I imagine it could be such a pain to stop on the interstate shoulders in the middle of a long distance drive. Hubby thinks it’s time for us to replace those tires as they started to look old and worn out if we don’t want to have any road problems in our future travels. And I completely agree with him.

2 replies:

Dhemz said...

pag over time lagi mo ug himo...ehehhehe....joke! kami sige overtime wala man, mali diay ang term.....nyahahha....joke ulit pretty jenn....good luck!

am sure hot ride jud imong wheels puhon....:) salamat sa dalaw ug comments!

Bchai said...

LOL...J was just talking about Chevy trucks the other day. He was looking at the Chevy and Ford trucks online and telling me that we "need" a truck.

If we do get one, guess who'll be driving it? (Hint: wives ALWAYS drive the newer vehicles.) LOL...