Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Change of goals

It looks like I’m not gonna need any supply of the best fat burners at all. It’s not like I even consider using them in the first place anyway. But if I’m really pregnant, then I’d be expecting some weight gain in the course of my pregnancy which I really wouldn’t mind at all just as long as the baby and me are healthy. That’s what’s important than desperately trying to lose weight. There’s another time to do that I believe.

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AdinB said...

You will be fine ate Jhen. Just take good care of yourself and the baby and make sure eat a lot of good food.. no junky! You will be thankful if you do. hehehe... :) Going for a walk with your hubby in the afternoon or early evening is a best way to get your exercise. :) Just ask me if you need anything! :)