Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before I bid goodbye to winter

Spring officially started yesterday. In fact, we were greeted with the soft sound of rain when we woke up this morning. Indeed, spring is here. But I’ve heard that some places in the U.S. are still experiencing cold front weather, not to mention snow, only after a few days of having temperature at 70s. The weather can really be likened to a woman’s mind, fickle-minded. Anyway, it gave me the idea to post my snowstorm photos from last month. My bad, I forgot to blog about it before. It’s never too late to share snow photos, is it?

It rarely snows in Arkansas. Well, at least in our part of Arkansas. I think we only had a few bad weather and one big snowstorm this winter which happened on the first week of February, if I'm not mistaken. Although it's extremely cold when it snows, I didn't mind going out to explore the perfectly white neighborhood with a camera in hand of course. It may have been an extreme inconvenience to many when there's snow, but at least it had offered chances for kids and young at heart like me to have fun out and snap away pretty photos. There's no medical basis to this claim, but I've noticed less acne breakouts in the wintertime for me, which is a great thing. I can minimize the use of BP medication on my face which tends to dry out my skin more. Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos below.

My snow wave

Cute angel, eh?

A taste of snow?!?

Unmindful of how cold the ground was, I just gotta have to make my snow angel.

8 inches of snow (happened only once so i enjoyed till it last)

I love how white and heavenly the surrounding was

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Lainy said...

Very nice shots. Jenn. Thanks for once again sharing them. Kanus-a man kaha mag-snow sa Pinas, hahahahaha!

:) said...

testing testing LOL this is my 3rd try...ok so you look like a snow princess in your white winter wear... and an angel making a snow angel how cute!
i dont have the flu it is a virus that went from my lungs to my heart. it just makes me tired and it painful. but today was a good day.

bingkee said...

Indeed nice photos....we're done with snow here....the extended forecast is 50's to 60's until next week. We even 72 degrees yesterday. Gikapoy na ko sa snow kay kami taga-tuig.....each year naa juy snowstorm.
Hello spring/1

David Funk said...

I like the photos, and it was definitely a winter to remember for many around the U.S. North Carolina is done with snow here.

Have a great week my friend!

Bchai said...

That's a lot of snow for your area, right? Good thing you took advantage of it. I love how you look like you're having so much fun in that kind of weather! ;)

Where's your snowman(or woman), Jenn? You know you have to build a snowman, right? ;)

""rarejonRez"" said...

awesome captures jenn! winter shots are always great to be kept kay lami balik-balikon ang winter memories, with how white snow are!

we're back to cold temperature here. on in the 20s adtong friday unya snow forecast. maayo gani wala nadayon. among weeend very cold kaayo kay in the 30s ra. pero ok ra japon kay naa man jacket! hahaha. now the sun is shining brightly pero still in the 40s. i can't wait for the higher temps na jud!

but just like you, i got tons of winter shots i'm keeping kay kung init na kaayo, mag wish naman pud ko ug winter. fickle-minded lagi! :D

anney said...

Love the photos! talagang ni ruler mo ang snow ha? hihihi!

Dhemz said...

I love the photos.......very dramatic...ehehhehe...ka cute sa angel woi....:)

enjoy the moment...dire tawon never mag snow...ehehehe...saka pami bukid para makakita ug snow....:)

Twerlyn said...

sos Jenn maayo nalang naa sad snow dre sa Cali kay kung wa pa ibog jud ko ani sa mga photos na naay snow hehe! nice one!

eastcoastlife said...

awww.... envy!!
I want to bury myself in the thick blanket of snow too!!

The weather's like an oven here in Singapore.

Unknown said...

@scotty's princess
-yeah how i wish naa pud unta snow sa pinas oi, :)

@scott and vikki
-oh sorry have you been getting error code after you hit the publish your comment button as well? coz ive been getting that a lot lately. it's frustrating to keep typing the same message thrice coz it didnt go through the first time. arrg.

ah so it's not a flu. oh dear, i really hope you'll get better soon. it must have been hard to be sick and all. thanks for the nice comment my friend.

-i understand. you always get beaten with bad weather in that part of the country. kapoy pud puol di ba, hehe pero at least spring na. yeheey! we can keep winter behind us now. welcome spring! woohoo!

-thanks david! yes, it's great to know that spring is here. we can start spring cleaning and do more stuff outside the house. :)

-haha. yeah snowman! well, i'd love to but my body isn't that of a 10 yr old kid anymore, after 10 mins of being out in the cold, i shivered to death, ouch, sign of old age i guess, hahaha. yes, it's really a lot of snow for our area, it does not happen a lot though. so i took advantage of it. :)

Unknown said...

-mao ba cel? mao lage sa northern part dapit mu snow gihapon bisan hapit na spring. cge lang next month pohon im pretty you can feel the beauty of spring na. :) mao jud i love looking back at old snow photos. i don't have much of it though kay dili man perme magsnow sa arkansas, hehe

-hi anney. thanks for stopping by. oo nga niruler ko talaga to make sure if 8 inches ba talaga kasi un ung forecast, ahahha. silly me!

-asa man diay ka dapit sa US dhemz? why man walay snow diha?

-haha. lage lerms. ambot oi basta filipina ganahan man jud ug snow. :) basta lang dili perme payts na, pang expereince lang ba. hehe

-oh sorry to hear that. i can hear your pain. i was back in the philippines two months ago and it was the peak of winter here in teh US and i was missing the cold weather and winter. so is it summer in singapore right now? do you get snow there too in some parts of the year?

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello jenn... lingaw ko sa mga winter photos nimo. Nice ang snow outfit nimo, mura ka ug eskimo... Lagi oi, goodbye winter na jud. Pero ang first day of spring kay nag snow man diri sa Texas and Louisiana. Tugnaw! Pero lingaw gihapon amua meeting nila Ivy

Nova said...

nalingaw kos imong mga pictures... I won't miss the winter coz i can't stand the cold and snow... hehehehe just black and white color...

juliana said...

nice and lovely!

but I want the warmer temps now, and I need it pretty quick. we're still in the 40's and 50's here. ang tagal ng tag-init.

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eden said...

Nice pictures. nalingaw kaayo ko ug tan aw. wala mi snow diri so dreaming lang gyud ko pirmi..hehehe..