Friday, March 26, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Housewife

I've been playing the role of a simple housewife for 5 months now, if I were to include the 2 months vacation in the Philippines. So far, I've enjoyed it. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to the role. However, I'm not going to talk about any of them here. I just want to share how my typical day goes. It may be boring to you but please just bear with me. It's not that bad, I promise!

Hubby has to be at work at 6:30 a.m. He works 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. We live 10 minutes from the powerhouse, so usually he leaves home at 6:15. I don't prepare breakfast for hubby, I hope that won't make me a bad wife, lol! He's not used to eating real breakfast anyway. Sometimes, he'd have some bagels, toast, frozen waffle, a bowl of cereal, a banana or just a glass of OJ. Nothing fancy that he can't do it himself so there's really no need for me to wake up early in the morning. But I choose to get up early every day. I like to tell him "I love U" and give him "power hugs and kisses" before he leaves for work, haha!

More often than not, I go back to bed once hubby leaves. Recently however, I went back to my other passion which is Reading. I bought four books in a used bookstore in town. I am done reading "The Pastor's Wife", a true crime drama about Mary Winkler, an abused wife who killed her husband who's a pastor in a small town in Tennessee. Currently, I'm halfway through a book by James Patterson, "When The Wind Blows", a suspense thriller about a U.S. biogenetic laboratory which illegally experiments on how to turn small kids into angels with literal wings. It's different from all the J. Patterson books I've read in the past. I've always liked the suspense genre but I'm thinking of giving feel-good and funny books a try. Soon.

If I don't get myself sleepy again after reading, I usually get up and start my day with a light breakfast. My favorite is Fruit Loops in milk. Hehe!

Then I go online, check my mails, log in to Entrecard and do my EC dropping and bloghopping routine. My favorite Filipino shows starts at 10:30 so the T.V. set must always be turned on while I'm on the computer. I'm good at multi-tasking, hehe! Hubby calls me from work during his lunch break to ask how everything's going so that's my cue to get my lazy butt off the couch and prepare something for me to eat for lunch. I don't cook real meals for me. In most cases, I eat leftover from the other night. Otherwise, I'll just bake some hotdogs or sausage patties with rice. Then I'd be back in front of my laptop and TV. Haha! Every so often, I stand up to drink some water to keep my lazy system hydrated and to munch on some snacks like nuts or chocolate pudding, hehe. I make sure I do the dishes before "Diva" comes on. Hubby comes home from work around 5:00 p.m. He does not expect a hot meal waiting for him on the table, so I wouldn't even start preparing dinner until he's home.

Here's some of the meals I prepared from last week.

Baked Chicken Wings

Skillet Pasta and Beef Dinner

One day I was in the mood for a Pinoy Style Bistek. It was oh so good!

Parmesan Chicken Strips with Sauteed Mushrooms and Jasmine Rice

Beef with Broccoli on Jasmine Rice

Baked Parmesan Chicken Drumsticks (my favorite way of cooking chicken legs and fillet strips) with Mashed Potatoes

One time, I suddenly feel the urge of doing something worthy so I started sorting my footwear for spring cleaning purposes. Sad to say, I'm usually a disorganized person, but I got tired of looking at my cluttered shoes in the house so I decided to attend to it before it gets out of control. I use a small wooden shoe rack for some that I use on a regular basis, put away the rest in boxes and neatly piled them in a corner. I was quite happy with the result. I plan to do our closet next. Winter is over so I need to put away my winter clothes and start using short-sleeved blouses and shorts. It's one of the things I love about America, the change of seasons. It's just a pain sometimes since you have to update your wardrobe to suit the weather change. But it gives me a reason to organize our closet so I guess it does more good than bad, eh! :)

What's your typical day like? Have you started spring cleaning yet?

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""rarejonRez"" said...

ohlalala! murag taas man kaayo imong typical day jenn! murag dugay mahuman! hahaha. gigutom ko nagtan-aw sa imon gmga pagkaon. bag-o pa baya ko niudto. hnagol jud ba? LOL

dili boring para sa akoa kay housewife and housewife man ko, so maka-relate ra ko. reader pud diay ka. pareho ta, pero nag lie low ko karon tungod sa eye condition. i just have my new and upgraded eye glasses though so balik na pud basa sa books, esp. ug mag-away mi ni bana, kanang di ko ganahan motingog, mag-basaha nalang ko. LOL.

imong shoes daghan kaayo, kaliwat man diay kang imelda marcos! hahaha. great weekend jenn!

kimmy said...

i've beean a plain housewife for six long years and they were the best years of my life so far...

bingkee said...

We practically have the same routine except for the TV----when I watch TV, I'm away from a PC or a laptop. Coz my faves are shows that needed to be "seen" like home decorating and make-over shows. But I do a lot of cleaning because ...well, I think I got this habit of everyday cleaning as I used to work as a housekeeper before. Karon general cleaning sa kusina, ugma sa banyo, sa sunod na adlaw ang mga kwarto, ug naay adlaw para sa salas ug hallway.....tapos sunod adlaw, ang sulod sa cabinet kutihon nako, tapos naay adlaw ang organization sa music gear sa akong bana....
Pareha ta, akong bana dili hingaon ug breakfast....kape lang na. But the night before I make him boiled eggs and peanut butter sandwich para ibutang sa iyang bag ug kaunon nya sa kotse. Sayo kaayo sya molakaw, mga 5:45 , wala na sya so dili jud ko makabangon para himuan sya ug breakfast so gabii nako himuon. Pero pag-abot nya, sya ang nagaluto sa dinner.....tamad ko moluto ....heheeh
Makadani man ni imong pics....very tempting ang mga pics....gigutom na hinuon ko mag-tan-aw lang.

Daghana sa shoes nimo uy....hehe....

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Wow Jenn, I like all the foods you cooked. Kalami ba sa drumsticks oi... Naa pa? And love your havaianas flips they are all nice... love the color blue Jenn hehehe nice kaayo kay nag start na ka sa spring cleaning nimo.

Verna Luga said...

Jenn, giveaway mu yung tsinelas .... hahahah... love them.... yummy food, food, food....

Dhemz said...

my gosh....ka busy sa life sa wifey...ehehhehe!

ga tulo jud akong laway sa imong mga foodies gwafa....lami kaau....:)

aw....shoessssssss! pwede pa arbor? ehhehhee....:)

eden said...

kalami sa mga pagkaon.. makagutom man kaayo..hehehe.. ubay ubay gyud imong mga shoes. kadumdum ko sa akong mga winter shoes and boots, hapit na sad pagawas kay sa dili madugay tugnaw na sad mi diri.

Lainy said...

Again, I envy you, Jenn. I wish I have the luxury of just dilly-dallying day in and day out. Sigh!

My day starts very early usually at 5am. When I don't feel lazy, I do my daily walk for an hour then do my blogging chores before preparing for work. As you already know, I work on a 8-7 basis. When I get home, I do chat with the Prince for an hour and he would encourage me to "go to bed early and NO MORE SPORT MAHAL because you're tired" but being the stubborn girl that I am, I still play badminton and go home late and resume my blogging chores thereafter. I would usually end the day at 12mn. I am so deprived of sleep. Sigh!

Anyways, you once again had me drooling over here, LOL!

Ahh! Reading! Missed it so dearly! Haven't had a good book in hand since my eye grade elevated to 1.000. Mantiner nalang ko ani ug blogs, hahahaha!

Have a blessed Sunday, Jenn!

Bchai said...

Goodness gracious...if you're that busy to cook some of that bistek, I'm coming right over! LOL. It's making me so hungry right now, it's not even funny.

Being a housewife isn't a joke---plenty of stuff to do around the house to keep you occupied for hours. ;) Let's not forget how much time we spend trying to keep the house clean, organized, putting food on the table, managing finances, etc.

...and we have to look FABULOUS doing it too. ;)

I'll have to blog about my typical day later. It's too much to add here. LOL. (and, nope, haven't done my spring cleaning yet!)

(I'm still digging those sexy black pumps, Jenn!)

Cacai M. said...

wow.. mora'g lami mn jud kaau na'ng imong mga niluto Jenn oi.. gigutom na nuon ko og sge'g tan-aw.. :) ang mga shoes dha, kadaghan mn oi.. panghatag pod sa imong boots Jenn.. ako boots duha ra mn kabook, black og brown.. heheh.. og about sa imo hubby.. pareha sila ani akoa, 4 days lang ang work a week but 10 hours for each day galing lang ky 7 to 6 ni iyaha.. imoha is 5 lang kutob dba? kahayahay mn oi.. pareha diay ta og status krn Jenn.. mga homemaker.. :) nindot ky kita buot sa ato time, og ako pod once makalakaw na ako hubby, balik pod ko 2log ky 2gnaw mn jud maskin naa heater og lami pod jud itulog.. heheh.. appear ta ani Jenn.. :) muahhh!

anney said...

I'm sure ang sarap mo magluto! Picture pa lang busog na nga ako e, hehehe! Dami mo shoes at ang gaganda. Thanks for following my blog and adding me to your blog list. Added and followed you too.

meretrisha said...

hi net.. pareho jud mi ug na notice ni hubby, imong shoes! -- imeldific na daw ka tungod sa imong collection sa shoes

Angels in my Life said...

oh same thing happen nako when i was a housewife the first 9 months i was here in US, then when i got job its more busier than it i'm back to a full time mom and wife na. and this time it won't be as routinely as before kay i do have my son with me na, to attend most of the time and make sure that i balance the chores and playtime with him..

pero in fairness gigutom kos imong mga pagkaon ba.. wish i'm as good as cook as you are...

Mommy Liz said...

I love my job as a plain housewife and mother. It's been over 4 years now, and from time to time, I miss working, but I told hubby, if I work, then what if I don't feel like working, so, I guess..I will enjoy my life right now, then when the time comes that I need to go back to work, then I will deal with it. For the meantime, I will enjoy every bit of my being a stay at home mom and wife..

Unknown said...

-hahaha, kung mag away kay mao pud ko dli mutingog, usahay magbasa pud ko books pero bisan di mag away nahan jud ko magbasa. i have eye problem pud pero it doesnt bother me that much when i'm reading. i'm wearing eyeglasses pud bya wala pa gani pud ni na-upgrade, pila na kaha ni akong grado ani, college na cguro, hahaha.

taas kaau tan awon akong day sah pero in reality kadaghanan ana kay cge lang computer, walay pulos, haha!

-wow 6 long years. i don't know if i can survive that long. but if you have kids to take care of, im pretty sure it'll be worth it.

-kugihana nimo manglimpyo oi, na inspire noon ko dah. :) kapoyan man ko limpyo everyday gud, tingbanay ako mao dugay kaau noon mahuman. :)

-ikaw pud girl pag arrange na anang imong mga gi pang shopping diha, hahaha. i know daghan kaau na ikaw pa cge lang ka laag ug shopping. ayahay kaau ug life ning gwapa oi! lol

-hehe sure. pero i doubt na naay maigo-an ani kay gamay kaau ko ug feet. lol. pangbata ako size.

-mura lang na busy gwaps oi pero in reality cge lang ko lingkod, daghan time nausik sa comptuer, hehe. ma-busy lang ko if magluto na, pero i enjoy it man pud so ok lang. :)

Unknown said...

-lage 'den. karon pa ko karealize na ubay ubay na pud diay akong sapatos, undang nako palit oi. :) maau ra jud akong gigawas tanan kay kalimot naman ko anang uban. :) o winter na hapit diha sa inyo diay. igawas na dayon ang mga boots, hehe

@scotty's princess
-you are such a workaholic girl lains oi. take it easy girl oi kay imo health unsaon nalang. :) nah i can't survive if i only sleep 4-5 hours a day jud. i'd feel groggy and high, hahaha. i can't function very well if i don;t get enough sleep. maybe your schedule will become better after the election? pero no matter what, it's nice to take time to talk to your prince everyday. that's very important especially in a long distance relationship. i'm so impressed with how you manage your sked, lains. :) superwoman eh! lol.

Unknown said...

-oh so you love bistek too? that's one of my fave pinoy food. :) sure u can come over and share some bistek, haha!

you're definitely right, being a housewife is not easy at all. it gets boring and routine sometimes but so do is working outside, hehe. these black pumps i only wore it once so far during our prenuptial shoot in the Philippines. :) yes, pls write a separate post about how your typical day goes, i would love read about it. :)

Unknown said...

-appear ta ani dai! lami kaau itulog balik oi labi na pagwinter. :) ganina tulog ko balik pud, after nagbasa, hahaha.

malingaw naman ko ug luto karon labong sauna dili jud ko kabalo intawn. ganahan sad gani ko mutan aw sa imo pics sa food. sundog nya ko sa imo pork liver recipe ha. :) si hubby dili nahan ug liver pero ako lami-an man ko so ok ra ako lang usa mukaon, hehe.

duha pa man ako nasul-ob anang boots girl oi! dili bya ko perme mulakaw. hehe. muundang na lage ko palit shoes oi, hehe

-thanks for following and adding me to your blogroll ann, i did the same. thanks also for the shoes compliment, :) can;t wait to see your beach vacation photos. :)

-hahaha, grabe jud shoes jud ang na-notice ninyo ni tefen dah. :) undang nako palit oi hehe. wala pa man na nasul ob ang uban gani, sa pinas man na nako gipalit ang uban pag bakasyon nako. :)

@angels in my life
-yeah it's great to try being a housewife, then a working wife as well. i've done that myself. pero right now enjoy pa man na housewife so dili lang usa ko muwork. hehe. that's good na u have a little baby to take care of na. it's worth im sure. :)

@Mommy Liz
-korek liz. :) while nag enjoy pa, eh di hala cge stay at home. :) ive worked before din for a year, ok lang din. i love being a housewife too kaya eto nalang muna. :) after a year maybe if ill get bored baka ill look for a job din. :)

Makoy said...

yummy food! You made me hungry

.Skye. said...

now i feel guilty. I don't cook regularly. I don't cook breakfast, lunch or dinner. I only cook when i feel like doing it.

AdinB said...

Mura ug kamao naman lagi ka mangluto ate Jhen? Basta lagi maminyo na ba makamao najud lagi magluto.. hehehe... looks like a heck of a day you had! :) Enjoy! :)