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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before I bid goodbye to winter

Spring officially started yesterday. In fact, we were greeted with the soft sound of rain when we woke up this morning. Indeed, spring is here. But I’ve heard that some places in the U.S. are still experiencing cold front weather, not to mention snow, only after a few days of having temperature at 70s. The weather can really be likened to a woman’s mind, fickle-minded. Anyway, it gave me the idea to post my snowstorm photos from last month. My bad, I forgot to blog about it before. It’s never too late to share snow photos, is it?

It rarely snows in Arkansas. Well, at least in our part of Arkansas. I think we only had a few bad weather and one big snowstorm this winter which happened on the first week of February, if I'm not mistaken. Although it's extremely cold when it snows, I didn't mind going out to explore the perfectly white neighborhood with a camera in hand of course. It may have been an extreme inconvenience to many when there's snow, but at least it had offered chances for kids and young at heart like me to have fun out and snap away pretty photos. There's no medical basis to this claim, but I've noticed less acne breakouts in the wintertime for me, which is a great thing. I can minimize the use of BP medication on my face which tends to dry out my skin more. Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos below.

My snow wave

Cute angel, eh?

A taste of snow?!?

Unmindful of how cold the ground was, I just gotta have to make my snow angel.

8 inches of snow (happened only once so i enjoyed till it last)

I love how white and heavenly the surrounding was