Thursday, March 18, 2010

A trip down memory lane

Highschool life...What can I say?

It seems like it's been ages ago, haha! I wouldn't deny that highschool was one of the funniest moments of my life, I'm sure a lot of you would agree with me. We were young, carefree and innocent back then. I was not as free as most of my highschool friends because I think I had the two strictest parents in the world, haha. But I still had my fair share of bonding moments with them. I got the inspiration to blog about this after I've read Bchai's story about her first grade class picture. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have an old picture of me back in grade school anymore. We moved a lot and digital cameras are not "in" back then so probably typhoons in Cebu managed to destroy all our old albums. But thankfully, I found these photos below from a HS classmate's Facebook file. Boy, was I glad to see a skinny version of me from the early 90's, haha! Of course, some unflattering photos of me back then made its way to Facebook albums as well courtesy of my ever diligent HS schoolmates, lol. I'd be glad to share those to you as well but I couldn't remember now who uploaded them. No, I'm not making excuses here, lol. I really tried to look for it so we can laugh altogether, but thank God I couldn't find it.*battling eyelashes* One photo of me from a seminar in Dumaguete City when I was a sophomore merits a call from my sister in Illinois, only to hear her giggling like crazy on the phone and be told that I looked like a teenage boy in that picture and that she hardly recognized me but blood is thicker than water so she's pretty sure it was ME after all. Great! Thanks, dear sister! LOL...Oh, how I love Facebook! Anyway...

This is US in our gala uniform. If I remember it right, we would wear this once a month and also during feastdays or any kind of church celebrations. By the way, I went to a Catholic school, St. Nicholas Academy. I am the shortest gal, 3rd from the right, if you still haven't recognized me. Two of these pretty ladies, 1st from the right Charlit and 4th from the left Jeany were there at my Philippine Church wedding last January. The rest are now living in the U.S., Singapore, Canada and Dubai.

It's me again with some of my lovely classmates in our blue uniform which is the school's regular uniform. I am the one in that unhappy looking pose, hehe, first seat from the left.

I miss highschool. I'm glad I have these photos to remind me of those days. How about you? Do you still have some of your old highschool photos? How do you look back then? Does it make you feel ancient when you take a look at them now?

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meretrisha said...

gamaya pa gud nimo sauna net no? hehe pareho jud ta..

The Twitterer said...

guess what, when my friends and i took pictures together, i'm also the shortest gal in the pic. ;)

isn't it nice to reminisce high school life? sigh!

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hahaha Jenn dear nalingaw ko sa mga pics nimo. parehas diay ta Jenn, short hehehe pero naa pay mas short nako hehehe... So nice baya maka gala uniform kay neat kaayo tan awon.

Bchai said...

OMG, JENN, you are SOOOO cute! You look adorable in your HS shots! (Petite is so chic, you know?) I like your expression on the bottom shot---it's like you're saying, "Are we done yet?" LOL. ;)

I was wondering, do most high schools require uniforms there? Or is it just for private schools? The uniforms are cute. Makes the girls look so sophisticated and demure.

Lainy said...

HAhaha! Wa jud ta ka na-recognize, Jenn. Pero you're still the same Jenn back then and now- stunning beauty. Shortest? Kung kaw ang shortest, unsaon nalang ko? LOL! It's a good thing you've got these lovely captures to reminisce and look back.

Thanks for sharing!


:) said...

nice you got your old school photos to remember them by :) i'm doing better just lots of tests coming next week. thank you for asking :)

anne said...

hehehe at first I can't figure who is jenn in the picture but with the comments finally I saw you lol same here i am always the petite one hehehe one time my classmate who was our prince charming in the class back then, told me that he wanted to court me sayang nga lang daw eh short ako, hinampas ko nga ng libro tsura lang dili magsakit ako tiyan dughan lang lol gwapo pa naman hahahaha

""rarejonRez"" said...

Ayayay! This is cute and sweet! LOL Well, I recognized you right away Jenn! Sharp eyes, eh? :D

Indeed, high school life are beyond compare. I had my fair share of all the wonderful experiences in high school. Our class valedictorian (we were 968 graduates, yep big national high school!!!) was my boyfriend and oh... puppy love! LOL We used to be the most sikats in our school, but gone are the days na! Akong na-bana karon kay valedictorian japon sa high school nila pero 2 ra ka sections. Bukid pa jud. Hahaha.

Thanks for sharing these Jenn! And the vegetable menus? Too bad I can't give you a detailed recipe. I am not good in it. You see, I alter recipe menus and improvise my own. As long as there are available luto-onon, I can make something out of it nga mopasar na sa akong panlasa. LOL. Typical man nga pinoy akong ginaluto Jenn. Mga bisdak man gud mi diri sa among balay nga mangaon, so pinobre ra jud nga pagkaon akong ginaluto. Gulay mostly kay nag-lessen na mi ug meat! ;-)

StaLira said...

love the uniform.

bingkee said...

Jen, I also like looking back at high school photos reminds me of the innocent, youthful carefree days we had....malingaw jud ko ug tan-aw.
Yes I still have some of them...ang uban nangawala na, but at least I've saved some and grabbed some from Facebook friends.

Twerlyn said...

hehe! same ta ka kapayat tong HS..ka nice sa Uniform ninyo oi..

About AI, maau wala na tanggal c Andrew GArcia..tuloy ang laban nya..ang wife nya nga pinay kuyaw kaau hair oi..skinhead sa both side then ang hair tua sa tunga murag chokoy gani.

Unknown said...

-mao lage jo. perteng gamaya! lol

@the twitterer
-i was only the 2nd smallest in our batch, however, she was not close to our group so whenever we have group photos with my close friends, it's always me who's the shortest, lol.

-haha. daghan nata hazie. common cguro ning heighta sah, hahah! yeah gala uniform is neat pero dali lang mahugaw. dili ko nahan musol ob ani before.

-hehe, thanks bchai! i don't know how to smile during picture taking back then, i was so shy and no confidence at all so i always have this smirk look on my face coz i don't know how to smile, hehe.

yes, schools in the Philippines do require school uniforms. since kindergarten to college, both public and private. however, public schools are not that strict when it comes to shoes i believe. they can wear white running shoes iwth their uniform which is not the case with private schools, it has to be black shoes and white socks. :)

Unknown said...

@scotty's princess
-lains, haha naglisod diay ka ug recognize nako ha. o jud shortest jud kaha ko even until now nisamot labi na hir sa US. tag-as pa nako ang mga 12 yr old kids diri, waaaahhhh!

o ikaw pud share pud sa imong mga old HS fotos. im sure it's fun to look at them again and remember those times. :)

@scott and vikki
-yep, thanks to my friends and classmates back in HS and also to Facebook too. :) glad to hear you're doing better now. get well soon my friend!

-hahah katawa man ko nimo anne oi. cge lang short ka sauna at least inyo prince charming na-attract diay nimo. :) wow those were the days.

Unknown said...

-im not surprised that you were sikat back then and being the girlfriend of your class valedictorian coz until now you're still pretty. :) mao jud sah, nice jud mag reminisce sa atong nakaraan, hehe.

sus ako pud nahan ko makat on ug pinobre lang na gulay oi pero dili man ko kabalo, hehe cge lang mag experimento lang ko. :)

-thanks, lir!

-that's right, nice jud kaau mag reminisce sa atong higshchool life. :) wla na kaau ko picture from HS dhu good thing akong mga classmates sauna naa sila tyaga kaau mag upload sa facebook.

-haha mao ba lerms, kuyaw diay ug hair iya wifey. sayang wala lang japon ko kita, hehe i hope dili gihapon matanggal si andrew para naa pa chance makakita ko pohon. :)

Dhemz said...

awwww...ka cute! hhehehe...I miss those memories....:) thanks for sharing the photos pretty jenn....:)

Nova said...

highschool life is really fun pud sa akoa kay i am schooling in an exclusive catholic for girls only too.. makalingaw noh? i miss our memories jud ever ba..the best jud ang high school life...

soo sorry took me forever to reply nimo sa imong pangutana... akong sister from laguna sya... usually if mga 2 kilos ilang mapadala nako worth 2thousand ra they using philpost? murag post office ra ghapon ata na sya dear... sige lang if i get a hold of my sisterits i will asked her....

Cacai M. said...

pagka-cute mn nmo jud saona Jenn oi.. I miss HS days too.. :-( I don't have that much photos in HS, I have some and I might scan it on the later days.. heheh.. looks ancient bitaw ang uban nga pictures nko.. :)

Badet said...

High school is one of the most memorable moments of my life too. And thanks to facebook, old photos have resurfaced, I also have a good laugh seeing my old class pictures.