Monday, December 8, 2008

Another long day at work

I had a very stressful day at work. One of our branches in Little Rock had to move to a bigger and nicer building and last weekend, our network guys moved all the servers to the new building. It sure does sound easy but the truth is, it's such a pain because they will have to change IP and all that technicalities. I wasn't part of the team who helped with the move last weekend but I sure was bombarded with calls today about no internet connection, no network connection, not been able to print, not been able to get into their computers and all those computer problems with the users that were moving. I would not have minded it if I have a partner to help me fix their issues but the thing is he was also installing some scanners for our Credit Department so practically, I was left on my own to fix the mess in the new branch. I had a headache after the shift and I didn't have any energy to make dinner at all tonight. In times like this, Jeff usually takes charge with the dinner but he's also been busy and exhausted from work so the ending, we'll just go out and drive to KFC for dinner. I wonder how will I lose weight if we don't refrain from eating out a lot, hahahaha!

2 replies:

irish daisies said...

hi Jenn hope your week gets better. take care

meretrisha said...

hehe just look at the bright side, net, at least you've got dinner date, a sure good way to de-stress.. it was also a way of rewarding yourself for a draining day at work..