Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekend Whim

I am anticipating another fun-filled and special bonding weekend with Jeff. We're going to Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas to visit Dad and it's gonna be an overnight stay at Hilton Hotel. Why Hilton? Well, for the simple reason that we're gonna have to try their Sole F85 treadmills. We plan to buy this treadmill after reading good reviews about it in the web. Since we couldn't find it in the mall, we think of checking in Hilton so we could try it. Yeah, reviews said that this is the brand that Hilton uses in their fitness center. We're going to find out on Friday.

2 replies:

Anonymous said...

what a comfy room....hope u'll have a great time this coming weekend.

Lou said...

hi jen, hope u guys already signed up for the hilton honors heheh