Friday, April 4, 2008

Online Shopping

Another thing that I learn to try when I got here is to shop online. There's much public transportation to go to the malls and department stores in Cebu that you don't really think of getting stuff online. There are advantages and disadvantages of shopping online that's why I still prefer to go to the stores and see the item physically. I found out that here in the US, there are items and models that you can't see in the stores but you can order it online. Like last week, we did some updating with some of our small kitchen appliance but unfortunately, the kind that I like to buy weren't found in the stores. We tried Sears, JC Penney, Kohl's and Lowe's but it's either they don't display the specific color that I want or they are just out of stocks. So we tried searching it online on the same stores and I was surprised 'coz they have more items to choose from than what they carry in the stores.

These are the stuff that we ordered online and are delivered to our doorstep via UPS this weekend.

Paper Towel Holder

Avon Pink Flipflops that I ordered from my filipina friend

Pink 7-Speed Hand Mixer and Shears by KitchenAid

Digital Slow Cooker

2-Slice Toaster

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