Sunday, April 13, 2008

Visayas hopefuls on Pinoy Idol

Pinoy Idol last night showed the auditions in the Visayas area. The number of pinoy hopefuls who went to the auditions was overwhelming. Undoubtedly, a lot of Filipinos are gifted in music. But there are some who just came there to try their luck and didn't mind the judges' negative comments. I was touched to see two blind young girls who came to audition. Jolina can't help herself from crying. One of them was given a nod from the judges to go to Manila to continue the idol journey. I spotted a familiar face among the Cebuano hopefuls. She used to be a neighbor back home. I remember when Jeff visited me that I introduced her to him 'coz we plan on getting her and her band to sing for us in our future PI wedding. Her name is Zandra Tan. And the good thing is she was one of the few wanna-bes who were given the chance to go to Manila for another grueling round of eliminations. I really hope she can make it to the Top 24 at least. Goodluck!!!

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Lou said...

oi, mao ba Jenn? Nice!