Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's Rambling

What a beautiful Thursday morning! I woke up early as usual to see Jeff goes off to work. Everything is so green outside. The spring morning dew is so evident in the morning and the smell of the morning breeze is almost tempting me to go out and take a walk. But of course, I didn't 'coz half of my brains was still asleep, lol! Me and hubby's favorite line when we wake up is "I hate mornings!" We're not morning persons actually.

Right after Jeff left for work, I went straight to the computer room and do my thing which is to check blog opps. Unfortunately, zero opps is waiting for me. I did some bloghopping and see how are my blogista friends doing. I wish I could visit all of them but there are just too many to bloghop everyday. But as much as possible, I try to visit back first the people who left messages in my chatbox. I could never forget to check everyday my Yahoo, Multiply and Friendster accounts and of course my day to day source of showbiz chika, Philippine Entertainment Portal. I had fun reading Jolina's blog in PEP about her recent visit to Venice, Italy for a movie shoot. I also love Venice, it's a place that I've always dreamt of visiting someday.

Tomorrow is gonna be the start of a busy weekend for me. I'm looking forward to our trip to Little Rock, the shopping that I'm gonna do there, the possible visit to Pinnacle Mountain if we still have time, the dinner with Dad, the treadmill experience at Hilton and the most exciting part is I'm gonna be partially driving on the Interstate on our way there. Isn't it cool and exciting, eh?

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StaLira said...

happy trip jenn

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