Saturday, August 15, 2009

My weekend has just started

I have been pretty busy lately. I’ve visited 3 bridal shops to look for my ultimate wedding dress. I had my first ever branch visit to Springdale for work yesterday. I was scheduled to work for 4 hours today. Later this afternoon, we went to the last bridal shop and finally made our purchase for my dream wedding gown. I’ll talk about it more on a different post. Right now, I’m just exhausted. Furthermore, I’m kind of stressed out with getting this one more church requirement for our wedding. We can’t seem to get a hold of anybody on the phone and we’re uncertain of what’s the best way to get this recommendation from the church. This is the only requirement that we have not taken care of and it’s keeping us from formally booking our church. Weddings are truly stressful to the highest level, lol! Anyway, let me end this post so I can review the term life insurance quotes that I got on the mail. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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