Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank you...Goodbye...Madame Cory Aquino!

Philippines is in mourning. The lady who had lead the country in taking back our freedom from the dictatorship of the Marcos regime succumbed to cancer on August 1st at the age of 76. I couldn't help but was moved to tears by the outpouring of love and sympathy from the Filipino people for the former President Corazon Aquino. They didn't mind waiting in line for long hours just to get a last glimpse of the late president at her wake. I was only 9 years old when People Power lead by Cory Aquino happened back in 1986 but I can vividly remember the images of armed military in uniform and the huge tanks that Marcos sent to scare the millions of Filipino people who came out to the streets of EDSA to oust Marcos from power. It was a bloodless revolution in the history of the world. That was made possible because of the brave leadership of a simple housewife who was always proud to be born a Filipino, our Madame President Cory Aquino. This lady had gone through a lot. Her husband Ninoy who was a Senator then, was murdered because the dictator thought of him as a threat to their evil scheme. But that didn't stop him from fulfilling his dreams to give us our freedom for his dear wife Cory continued the quest and was victorious. She may have gone to join our Creator, but she will always be remembered as a symbol of freedom and democracy. We will miss you, Madame Cory! May your soul rest in peace.

Let me leave you with this inspiring excerpt from her speech before the U.S. Congress 7 months after she was proclaimed President of the Republic of the Philippines.

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Rebecca said...

Wow! Thanks you so much for posting this. Douglas MacArthur would be so proud of the courage your countrymen showed in the 1980s.

Cory Aquino was a GREAT woman. My condolences to your people and your country. America has lost a soul-sister.