Monday, August 3, 2009

I got my amended passport back!

I must admit that I got nervous when my friend mentioned that the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago no longer accepts mailed-in applications for passports. Well, this part is true and I'm aware of it because it's clearly stated on their website. If you're renewing your passport or applying for the first time, personal appearance is required thus they won't accept applications through the mail. However, my passport is still good until year 2012, and I only need to have it amended as it still bears my maiden name, so mailed-in applications are still accepted. I was pretty sure of this until my friend asked me if it's really fine to do this. That's when I started to worry, lol! But there's nothing to worry anymore because today I got my passport back with my married name on it along with a copy of the report of marriage form with the civil registry number as proof that our marriage in the U.S. is also acknowledged there in the Philippines. Yay!

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irish daisies said...

i'm glad its all working out for you:) ihope u have a wonderful rest of the week