Monday, August 31, 2009

Foto-booth will spice up my wedding reception!

Basically, Foto-booth is a mobile photo booth rental for birthdays, debuts, weddings, corporate events and children parties. I have first read about it several months before I even seriously started my wedding preparation. I saw a couple from Manila used it on their reception and I was interested to have it on my wedding as well. Unfortunately, I've learned at that time that there's no vendor yet in Cebu. But a few weeks ago I found out about Foto-booth. It is the FIRST mobile photo rental in Cebu and I was so glad I found them while I was doing my search for my wedding. I didn't think twice, I contacted them right away and they are so prompt with their responses. I have booked them last week and I'm pretty sure my guests will enjoy having unlimited photos taken for free as a souvenir. All photos will be printed in 4" x 6" format in a customized layout pre-chosen by me. After 24-36 hours, all photos taken during the event will be posted on the vendor's multiply website. Below are some Foto-booth samples taken at weddings and debut.

*photo courtesy of Foto-booth multiply site*

3 replies:

AdinB said...

That is amazing! This would be a hit ate Jhen. Thanks for sharing he website as well.

AdinB said...

How much was the rental again ate Jhen?

jenn said...

hi adin, thanks. yeah i didn't have second thoughts when i got them for my wedding. it's a cool thing to have in our reception. i hope the guests will love it. the rental is Php10,000, adin, for 2 hours. then if you like to extend hours, it's 3,000 per hour.