Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation in Branson: Part III

Our Branson adventure continues...

at least here in my blog through our photos. One of the many attractions in the city of Branson are the different kinds of shows that you can watch all around the city. Since I really don't know any of the performers there, we chose to be entertained by the Chinese Acrobats. It turned out that we made the right choice. The fee is a little pricey but it was a money well-spent so to speak. I've seen a show like this back when I was 10 years old in the Philippines, and the little memories that I had from it got my hubby convinced that it'll be a good show. It rained for the most part of our stay and we haven't anticipated the number of tourists that would watch on the day that we chose to go. We arrived just in time but the queue area for the tickets was ridiculously long and I didn't want to be seated on the last row so we took a rain check. It was really a plus that I bought my laptop with us for we were able to check online the show schedule for the next day. I wish I have photos of the show to share with you but of course, photography is not allowed during the show. Besides who would want to take photos and get distracted from the awesome and breath-taking display of gymnastic moves onstage of the teenage Chinese acrobats. They are just simply amazing. I even wonder if these people have bones, see how silly my thoughts were, hehe. I mean they can really stretch themselves to whatever position or style they want. I know it took them long years to practice those skills but still not everyone has the talent and ability to do that. I would never hesitate to watch them perform again next year.

The bad weather on our last day in Branson had prevented us from visiting Silver Dollar City or White Waters theme park, so we went to the Table Rock Lake instead as soon as the heavy rain stopped. I get to see how boats and jet skis were lower down to the river. On our way home, we dropped by at The Battle of Pea Ridge. Hubby has always wanted to go and we took the chance to do it during our Branson vacation. Anyways, here's our last set of Branson pictures!

Moi at Table Rock Lake and Dam

I wanted to sit in one of those benches right there for a photo opp but it was raining and neither of us wants to get wet so I just took a photo of the view minus the model, hehe!

My History buff lovey at The Battle of Pea Ridge

Exploring the battle field in bicycle, how romantic!

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