Saturday, June 20, 2009

When Filipinas Get Together... always means great food..lovely pictures..and pure fun!!!

We were invited to a birthday party of a Filipina friend in Sallisaw, Oklahoma last Sunday. I've met her through Friendster, and I'm just so glad that I was part of her birthday party. It was an hour drive to their place but it was all worth it because I get to eat my favorite Filipino foods and bond with Pinays in Arkansas. These photos are taken at the party and you might wonder if it's an all-Filipino party because you couldn't see husbands in the pictures. Actually, it's not. The husbands went with the wifeys but they hang out in the back patio while we were in the kitchen and eventually had invaded the host's bedroom doing what we love the most, posing for the camera, lol! It was only my first time to meet these girls but I really enjoyed their company and bonded with them so well. Sa uulitin!!!

*Jowen Whatley, the birthday girl is the one in a brown top.

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AdinB said...

Awe! That is so nice ate Jhen. Ako wala pa jud ko ka attend ug parties with pinays. hahaha... saon nalang!

tx sweetie said...

daghana ninyo pinay diha oi. sure jud na ug magtapok ning mga pinay sabaan kau ug cge ra kaon hakhakhak.. kaila man ko anang mama ni Sedrick oi Cecil mana amiga ni annie ako miga dri!

""rarejonRez"" said...

hahaha sis, you've forgotten one thing: when filipinos get together: great noise and laughter!!!

i love the smiles in the pics!

irish daisies said...

it looks like you all had a wonderful time :) i love parties

Unknown said...

-mao ba gang, y man? u shud meet other pinays diha sa kansas, im sure daghan pud na. ako i don't go to parties often, i think 3rd time pa gani ni nako with pinays.

-mao lage, sus saba kaau cge lang katawa. ay mao ba, kaila diay ka ni cecil. kana pa man pud mi nagkaila ana then nice pud cya oi, friendly, cute sad iya bb.

-mao jud sis, saba kaau. lingaw gani kaau ko nila.

-yeah i had so much fun. :) i don't go to parties a lot, so i really make the best out of it everytime i go. thanks for visiting, my friend!

analou said...

Hello Jenn. I experienced pod ug birthday party dire with my pinay friends. na perte jud sabaa ai. Lahe ra jud atong mga batasan ai. Hope magtapok na pod mo one day ug kami pod nga tage dire sa california.

john said...

I love the pics. Can't imagine the big smile in your face during this day...Cebuanas singles