Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where Do I Begin?

I'm not referring to "Love Story", the popular song from the 70's. This is actually what I'm asking myself right now as I started to seriously plan my wedding in the Philippines. I don't know where to start. Planning a big event such as this is so stressful and I think being far away from the place where the wedding is gonna take place makes it harder. I'll definitely get a wedding planner but just the same, I don't want to leave everything to the hands of the planner. This is my wedding and I want Jeff and me to be able to decide ourselves on whatever it is that needs to be decided upon. I picked Cebu Cathedral for my church and I plan on calling them this weekend to inquire about the requirements. I don't know how this works since we've been married here and we don't have the luxury of time to attend a series of seminars which normally the church requires. I just hope everything will turn out fine. I am wondering if there's anybody here who went through the same process as mine. I want to hear your thoughts about this matter.

2 replies:

anne said...

magpakasal diay mo dinhi girl, basin si chrissy makatabang kay murag magpakasal sad siya karong may yata. hehehe. have a nice day diay girl

meretrisha said...

net, back in 2005, i was the one who processed the wedding-related papers for a high school classmate/buddy who's also in the U.S. they got married in vegas but wanted a PI wedding so that their families here can attend. ang difference lang ninyo kay iyang bana pinoy man pud to gud. sakto, call lang usa to inquire about the requirements. course through lang tanan sa imo sister ang requirements. nya kuha ka wedding coordinator on the day nalang sa imo wedding