Thursday, January 1, 2009

Latest photo updates

It took me a while to post our photos from our Illinois trip. Work just got into me and I think the long drive back and forth was taking a toll on me. Jeff got colds and his eyes are hurting so bad that I also don't feel active around the house. I even have not unpacked our suitcase yet, I'm just too tired to do anything lately. I really hope I won't get sick for I know the chances are big that I'm gonna get whatever Jeff has at the moment. I hate being sick. Du'h! Anyway, here are some of the photos from our Christmas trip to my sister's place. More to come when I get the chance. See yah!

Me and Bren
Jingle in the kitchen
Pa-effek lang gud
Me and Bren again
'Pilit on the tree' pose
Sister sporting a red sweatshirt with red house slippers

6 replies:

Nova said...

that looks nice and u look pretty much happy....

happy new year jenn

eden said...

hello jenn, you and your sister have similar look (dili ikalimod). mga chinita kaayo..hehehe.. how old is Bren now? He is a super cutie little boy.

Happy New Year

irish daisies said...

you look so happy being with your sister again. i'm glad you had such a great time in Il. you both look simply gorgeous :)happy new year!

AdinB said...

hehehe... Lingaw kaayo mong duha ate Jhen oi kay magsisters jud magkacelebrate sa Christmas dili laay! :) hehehe.. dako na kaayo ang gwafo oi porya buyag lang! :)

iceah said...

new hair?! c: miss you dear c: happy new year c:

Raquel said...

Hi Jenn, mukhang enjoy na enjoy kau jan sa mga posing nyo. Kakainggit kayong magkapatid.