Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Super Mario Galaxy rocks!

Does anybody here play Super Mario Galaxy in their WII video game? I bet you could relate to the feeling of fun, adventure and excitement while playing this classic but modern Mario adventure. I say classic, because the Mario concept had been there for ages. Modern, on the other hand, because the new Mario takes us to the wonders of the universe and space. I thought it's just for kids but me and hubby got hooked on this game. It's pure fun in all levels. I think our neighbor's small dog was scared or probably surprised, because we heard it bark so loud when I suddenly screamed when the screen says Game Over, hahaha! I love the graphics of this game, it doesn't look ordinary and childish. Hubby and I are almost on the same level but I must admit, he played very much better than me, huhuhu! I enjoyed our WII so much. I never thought that I could squeezed in WII in my schedule. What, with my blogging, EC dropping, Jeff-time bonding, household chores, I'm glad that I still have time to play and have fun. We may have not kids but me and Jeff are the kids in our home, hehehe!

2 replies:

Anonymous said...

you should also get yourself a wii fit! but of course, nothing beats the old time Super Mario!

irish daisies said...

oh i love mario cart the best. i got my dad hooked on it too ;) and also love the fit board so much. have a great work week