Thursday, January 15, 2009

Helping myself combat it

After the terrible flare up I had at work the other day, I made an effort to research a little bit about my condition. I would still go to the doctor definitely, but reading about it over the internet helps me understand what causes it and learn about the things that I need to avoid. As I was reading about hyperacidity, acid reflux, gastrointestinal and heartburn problems, I realize that the symptoms I have are exactly what the web site describes, even the pain in the upper abdomen part. I learn that too much meat in your diet, overeating, no exercise, eating fried, hot and spicy foods would trigger hyper or extra acidity. All of the above accurately describes my lifestyle. No wonder I have this thing huh! I’ll be sharing here some tips and simple rules to follow in order to get rid of hyperacidity. I got this from

  • Have lime juice after your dinner. Lime helps in regulation of acids in your body, but hold on! The lime juice you have shouldn't be sour it should be sweet!
  • Have early dinner, by eight in the evening and sleep by ten- ten thirty, you acid peptic trouble should slowly leave you in peace.
  • Light Dinner! This is very important; we should have light dinner because after dinner we hardly do anything! Even for quick digestion, some activity is required.
  • A magic mixer, if you are suffering from acidity continuously here is a home remedy- Something that my Papa taught me - Take a glass, in which put about 5-10 ml of cold milk, fill the entire glass with water, add two teaspoons of sugar and mix.( Putting ice is optional) and your magic drink is ready. You will see that within minutes your acidity and ingestion will be gone! Trust me it works!
  • If you know you had too much to eat - Sometimes it happens - So what do you do, If you see lime around yourself, now understand this you think you may have acidity but not just yet, so take about 10-15 ml of water and squeeze an entire lime in it and add a bit of salt and drink it. Understand- This has to be done only and only if you think you had too much and you might get sick... this mixer will prevent any further indigestion!
  • Cold milk- Very good remedy, especially at night, if you are having acidity have cold milk!
  • Exercise- A bit of walk after dinner does miracles, but if you are one of them who likes to sit in front of the TV after you had dinner then you have all the above things you can do to avoid acidity!
I am glad I found this. I never would have thought that chilled milk could help!

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Thanks for these tips Jhenn. Now I know how to combat with hyperacidity and heart burns.

Sometimes we should be careful on what we put in our stomach. Hope you are well now