Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Preggy in Style

This year is probably just a good year to be pregnant. I have a couple of friends who either just gave birth or still expecting moms. As a matter of fact, my very good friend “Joanne” from the Philippines is soon to be a mom and her recent post about finding it hard to fit on her old clothes anymore inspired me to make this post. I’m sure she’ll be shopping for new maternity clothes soon and I hope she will be able to get an idea on what to have for her new set of wardrobe through this blog.

Some women out there are just even scared to try on a maternity dress. Let’s face it, your figure is going to change now but that does not mean you can’t look stunning and beautiful when you’re pregnant. More than anything else though is the comfort you will get when you wear the right clothes on your pregnancy stage. At BellaBlue Maternity, you can find several tops, jeans, shorts, or petite dresses that offer a wonderful selection of style and comfort for all seasons. They even have this ever popular T-shirt, nursing tops and tank tops selections for the more casual look and of course the long sleeve designer maternity tops for more of the formal and business look, as well as maternity sweaters and sweatshirts. Take your time and browse through their selection.

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meretrisha said...

hi net. thanks for thinking of me hehe. you got really nice taste when it comes to fashion!