Thursday, November 6, 2008

In My Dreams

…I died. I know it sounds real scary.

We actually had a big meal last night at Pizza Hut. I ordered Sausage Italiano pasta and I was so full that even after 3 hours, I still felt full and bloated. When it was bedtime, I wasn’t ready to fall asleep and I had strange thoughts running through my mind about what if I’d die in my sleep because I went to sleep full. My folks used to tell us that it’s not good to sleep while you’re full. I don’t know if there are really medical and scientific basis for that but it did make me worry last night. As a result, I dreamt that I was already dead. I saw a huge room with glass partitions occupied with supposedly dead people. In my dreams, I was in denial. I told myself this couldn’t be true. I even analyzed how did I die, I looked for Jeff in the room but I couldn’t find him and it saddens me that I had to leave him behind. I struggled in my sleep because part of me said this is just a dream but no matter how many times I blinked, it still takes me to the same room with the same people. Gosh, I was so scared. Thank God, I woke up. But my throat was killing me. I mean I had heartburn and I had to get up and drink some water. I was happy I wasn’t dead after all. I realized I was not ready to leave my husband and family behind yet. I prayed before I went back to sleep. I hope I won’t have nightmares like that in the future.

3 replies:

meretrisha said...

welcome to the world of dreams :)
death is a reality for each one of us but even in dreams we don't want to face it- no, not yet... let's stay alive while we can :) take care

Raquel said...

Aw, what a nightmare Jenn. There is a medical explanation for this but it's hard to explain eh. It's something like there is an abnormality movement of our internal organs if our body is relax.

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

that's scary to think Jhenn! Sometimes I have nightmares too and it's really bad, sometimes it feels like I am looking for the way to be out in my dreams

Just don't sleep when you are full Jhenn.