Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Beauty of Nature

I think I'm way too late to post fall photos since the leaves are no longer that pretty for fall color photos. We just didn't have the time to go to the park until yesterday lunch. Jeff picked me up at work and we bought some Subway sandwiches and ate them at the park. These are not the perfect fall photos but I just thought of sharing this in my blog. It was chilly and windy that day and I could feel the breath of winter coming very very soon.

4 replies:

Anonymous said...

amazing pictures! I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and got to see this every year; I miss it.

PinayWAHM said...

Nice pics Jenn....not too late anyway. At least merong pretty fall sa inyo. Sa amin dito wala.

I just finished reading your post about your dream. Medyo scary nga....good thing it's just a dream.

Happy weekend!


eden said...

woww.. beautiful. autumn is one of my favourite time of the year. I always love the color of autumn..

nice pics!

Michelle said...

wow, nice pics you captured there! btw, got a tag for you. :)