Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Honey, Don't Pay the Ransom, I've Escaped!

Have you thought about what to put in your Christmas wish lists yet? Have you even bought your little kids something this Christmas? My nephew asked for a Dancing Wubbzy and since it’s Christmas, most of the toys would not be available anymore weeks before the holiday season. I didn’t want to wait until after Thanksgiving before I go Christmas shopping especially for toys. Kids always want toys for Christmas so I didn’t want to wait for the Christmas rush. I did some of my shopping online though. It’s easy, convenient and affordable if you just know the right web sites to go to. Most kids are crazy over dora and diego magic, so they might no longer be available in stores like Walmart, Kmart and others. Why don’t you check out Mega Brands. They have an awesome selection of toys for Christmas. It’s an online store so it’s pretty much easy to shop.

Since Christmas is not just about kids, I took the liberty to make my own wish list myself. I’m trying to be different here so I made a silly video of myself asking my Santa to give me gifts this Christmas. Hoping he’ll get the chance to view this. By the way, this video was brought to you by Mega Brands. Sorry if I look silly in this video, hehehe!!!

2 replies:

AdinB said...

hey there ate Jhen.. hehehe katawa ko nimo da... mura ga lingiw ning usa ay nagbantay guro kay Jeff.. hehehehehe... cha nakalista gud sa paper.. naa pa VS.. hehehe.. :) weeeeeee

And by the way, you are most welcome ate Jhen.. I love visiting your site so much.:) Oo eh tugnaw na ate ga snow ganiha gani.. :)Si baby dia sa couch in his carseat ga hagok. hahaha

Anonymous said...

you don't look silly, ate Jenn. you infact look cute and i enjoyed watching your video. you're being unique and different. i never thought of it!