Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The comfort of wearing the right pair of shoes.

I have not known any woman that does not own more than a pair of shoes. Personally, I do like to have at least an appropriate pair for specific purposes such as walking or running, dancing, casual and formal occasions and even just for running errands in town and stuff. So yes, I have several pairs of shoes. I love shopping for shoes, lol! When I do though, I make sure I looked into comfort shoes for women first and foremost. I mean the style, functionality, fit and color matters to me so much but as much as possible I do try to think about comfort when buying my footwear. What does it matter if you look cute in them but you get blisters after a few minutes of wearing them, right?

The weather has started to get warmer so sandals and flip flops are in right now. But occasionally I still find myself going to my favorite, comfy pair of walking shoes as my everyday footwear, lol! I don’t know I just love wearing them. I wish I could wear it to work on a day to day basis too but I can’t since I do wear office attire most of the time. Too bad, huh! How about you? What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

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