Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Splash of colors in our yard.

I considered ourselves lucky because our house which we bought last year has mature landscaping. There are trees in the front and back yards, the grass is lush and green, tall hedges surrounding the perimeter of the house adding security and privacy as well. But I have not realized all these until spring came this year. Winter in Montana tends to be longer than other places so it is only just recently that flowers have started to bloom. I do not have a green thumb which I wouldn't deny, but I do appreciate plants and flowers in all their glory. So it really has been a delight for me to discover new flowers blooming in our backyard these past few weeks. I do not know what kinds of flowers the previous owners have planted here but I must say they did a really great job. I just find them soo pretty that I couldn't help myself but take photos of them whenever we discover new ones blooming. I have noticed some empty spots especially in the front yard so I was thinking of planting more this year. It might take another year before I would see some progress but at least I have something to look forward to come spring and summer of next year.

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