Monday, February 11, 2013

Airport lifesaver.

Traveling internationally with an active toddler is no easy feat. But I had to do it because I wanted my parents to meet their grandson in person. I was apprehensive of course, but I tried the best I could to prepare for that long trip to the Philippines. I brought plenty of new toys for him to keep him entertained. My laptop was also a huge hit while we're on the plane. All his favorite Thomas shows were saved there and indeed he spent quite a bit of time just sitting on my lap and enjoying his cartoon shows. I didn't give him Benadryl like some people had suggested while we're on the plane. They say it would keep him drowsy and not very alert all throughout the flight. But the mother instinct in me wouldn't want to drug my child even if it means hard work for me on the plane. Thankfully though, he slept most of the time on the plane. I guess it has more something to do with being in a strange place with strange faces.

Now during the long layover was another story. We had to stay at the airport for like 8 hours not counting the delays brought about the typhoon in Korea. I know it wasn't going to be fun and easy for both of us. Fortunately, both Seattle and Incheon Airports have this designated area for toddlers and kids to go nuts and release their energy. Yes, they indeed have play areas which was really a lifesaver for me during the long layover. Well, I knew about this beforehand since I have done my research really well. But finding it was kinda a bit of a challenge, lol! My sense of direction sucks and trust me, it  had been really a tough one maneuvering our carry ons, with a toddler in a stroller. But once I found it, it was like I heard the angels singing "Hallelujah." I finally was able to relax, sit down and peacefully watch him play while waiting for our flight to arrive.

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