Thursday, January 31, 2013

Understanding a foreign language never been so easy.

As a US immigrant, I feel lucky and proud to speak English quite well. Since it is considered by many as a universal language, I think it’s a great thing that it was taught in our schools in the Philippines. Moving as it is to a foreign land is hard enough, how much more if I don’t understand the language they speak, it would have been disastrous, lol! Although I’m sure there’s plenty of schools out there that teaches English for foreigners, but I think it’s an advantage that I know how to speak it already, thus saving hubby money for some translation services

We’re now in the modern world with high technology and computer savvy people, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem at all anyway, if there’s a need for some translating, interpreting, or transcribing. As a matter of fact, Rosetta Translation Company is your one stop multilingual language solution specialist out there. They provide a full range of translation services to individuals and companies worldwide. I also see this as a career opportunity for people who are into proofreading, editing and of course translating. Too bad their US office is based in New York only. I can see myself working for them for some proofreading and editing jobs, if they do online jobs, which I doubt but it never hurt to check. One can wish, right?

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