Thursday, January 10, 2013

Basement ideas.

When we were looking to buy for our first house, having a basement in it wasn’t really in our must-haves. But we ended up buying with one, lol! And I realized it’s nice to have that extra living space in the house. We are just starting to settle in our new home and probably the basement would be the last area that we’re going to have projects on. We’re thinking of converting it to a family room or a second living room. I thought about putting a pool table there for hubby but he thinks those are expensive. I wonder if there are pool table for sale that we could afford and see if he changes his mind on the subject, lol! I actually don’t know how to play pool so I won’t be heartbroken if that project wouldn’t materialize. I would just be happy if we would have a nice family room for us to gather around to have fun and bond with our son.

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crazyperfectlife said...

I just found your blog through the blog hop! I just bought a house with a basement too! It's so nice having that extra room for living and storage!!