Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Thanks for the post from Rashad Townsend.

There are some music channels that I really don’t like because they play way too much programming that just isn’t music. One of those channels is CMT. I do like their countdown that they do in the mornings but for the rest of the day it is regular programming. I don’t understand it. One show on that channel that I do understand is Crossroads. This is a really neat concept because it pairs up two artists to play together, one is country and the other one would be from a totally different genre of music. The most recent one I have seen is Zac Brown Band with Jimmy Buffett. At first glance this doesn’t sound like a good combination at all. How can Zac Brown and Jimmy Buffett sound event remotely good together? You really need to check out Crossroads and you will understand. Just because an artist sings country doesn’t mean they can’t sing other genres they just choose not to for the public’s sake. Go to and find out when you can get your satellite dish installed so you can start watching Crossroads soon.

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