Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Branching Out.

Authored by Rickey Combs

We upgraded our television package by logging onto We have the tiniest little condo right now and I have enjoyed watching HGTV on it. I have gotten some really great organizational and space saving tips. We are only anticipating living in our little apartment for the next two years until my husband gets done with his residency, but being somewhere so small is a challenge. I saw a great idea on HGTV the other day. You can buy ottomans that are actually trunks. They are covered in fabric and cushions but the top opens up to lots of storage space! They even gave the website of a company that I could order it from and they come in lots of funky fabrics. Everything in our apartment is kind of boring in color because we wanted to make it look as big as we possibly could. Now, when the space saving ottoman comes in, the living room is really going to pop. I ordered a great green and blueprint. It is a little funky but I think that it is going to be exactly what we need. I have really been branching out since we started watching HGTV!

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