Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet tooth.

Almost every Valentine’s Day, Jeff and I would take a mini-vacation to celebrate the occasion. However, this year, we were not even physically together. We had to take separate trips. I flew to Illinois while he drove our vehicles up north to Montana. Sad, I know! But I understand of course, we’re in the middle of a big move so we thought we’re just going to have a post-Vday for us. I was looking for great gift ideas for hubby when I came across this sweet site that offers not just get well gifts but sweet desserts for almost any occasion. I'm going to get him a full dozen of gourmet dipped swizzled berries. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. As for me, he got me some of my favorite chocolates and a fuzzy little pink stuffed toy, lol! And of course, I stumbled upon it while I was digging through my stuff in the trunk. Yep, I'm always good at ruining surprises, lol! I saw the gift even before he had the chance to give it to me. Oh well!

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