Friday, March 23, 2012

Random updates.

We're glad that we've finally settled in our new place but quite a bit frustrated because we were out of phone, internet and TV connection for one long week. Something went wrong with our phone and internet order so for what's supposed to be just 2 days of waiting time, it dragged to 8 days. Of course, we were not so cool about it. But there's really nothing we can do but hope and wait!

Anyway, finally, we got our phone, internet and TV back. It feels so good having to be able to update my Facebook, blogs, emails, call my family and watch my favorite shows on TV. The move-in day went pretty well. However, our new place is not as big as our previous one so getting all of our stuff situated was a little bit of a challenge. But I guess we're good. We'll survive, lol!

The first few days in our new place was alright. I mean of course we're living with boxes everywhere around the house, but I think we did a pretty good job with unpacking and getting everything settled. Just when I thought everything goes well, then Sunday morning came and my little 15-month old munchkin got sick. We took him to the ER in the middle of the night and were told he had an ear infection. Thankfully, he got better after 3 days of taking antibiotics. It is never easy to see your precious little one getting sick. That was a pretty difficult time for Jeff and me.

Anyway, things should be slowly getting back to normal. We may seem to have a long list of To-Do things but we have been taking care of them one at a time. There's no rush, we have so much time in our hands.

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AdinB said...

Bisita ko diria sa blog nimo ate Jhen. Finally na ka connect najud ka balik sa internet. Share some photos of the new place!