Thursday, January 26, 2012

Personal travel agent.

My ability to plan and organize was put to test again. With this impending move to Montana, it will be a disaster not to plan things ahead of time. The move is set to happen on the 14th of February and there are just so many things to take care of. On the other hand, I consider ourselves quite lucky because most of the moving expenses and other incidental costs are going to be covered by hubby's new job. I think that's really awesome. But of course, there are still so much things to deal with. I try to be of much help as possible. I did all our hotel and flight bookings online. It may sound so easy but oh boy, it has stressed me out a little bit, you know, deciding which dates to book and stuff like that. But hubby thought I did a pretty good job. I told him I can be his personal travel agent, lol!

I am pretty excited with the move. It's going to be a new adventure for the whole family. I'm also happy that I will get to spend 2 weeks with my sister in Illinois before I fly over to Montana. Since we don't have a place to move in yet, we would be staying in a hotel probably for a few weeks until we could find our new place. I'm sure things are going to be crazy for the next few months or so, but like I've said, it will be a fun experience and I'm so excited to explore Montana.

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