Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting close.

I wish that cd duplication service would be as easy and hassle-free as it was back in the Philippines. I have a couple of discs that I need to make copies of but couldn’t find a local service in town. I'm hoping I'll have better luck in Helena. Speaking of which, I can't believe it's only one more week and finally we would be moving to Montana. Or should I say, moving out of Arkansas. Oh well, whatever! What I'm trying to say is technically, the movers would move our stuff in a week, but I won't be in Helena until after 2 weeks. Where would I be for 2 weeks? I will be vacationing in Illinois, you know to spend time with my sister who lives in Illinois before moving to a far away state. I'm pretty excited! I hope everything would work out great especially in finding a new place to live.

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AdinB said...

Good luck sa inyoha ate Jhen! How nice that would be. We sure love Montana. :) Take care!

Adin B