Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dance into shape.

I have been playing Just Dance 3 on our WII lately. The funny thing is my 13 month old baby enjoys it as much as I do. Whenever I turn the WII on, he would go in front of the TV, swing his arms and move his little feet as if he’s dancing, lol! It is really cute to watch. His favorite tunes so far are California Girls by Katy Perry and a certain Bollywood music. So this is not just a little exercise for me but a fun way to bond with my little guy as well.

I enjoy it so much that it makes me want to try other WII fitness games like zoomba [sic]. I have heard so many great things about zumba classes but never really tried it myself so I thought maybe getting a WII game would introduce me to this fun way of dancing. How about you? Have you tried zumba yet? What can you say about it?

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