Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Travel light, right!

A week ago, Jeff went to a training class in Wisconsin. He likes to travel light especially that he’s travelling alone and it was only for 4 days. He wants to avoid the hassle of waiting in the claim baggage counter, only to find out they’ve lost your luggage (worst case scenario!). It happened to us before. So to be safe, he only brought a small backpack with him. His co-worker thought it’s amazing how he’d managed to fit the clothes and paperwork in one small backpack, lol! Well, everything fits but when he arrived home, I thought that poor little thing looks like it had seen better days, lol! It literally looks like it’s gonna burst any time. It gave me an idea on what stuff to get him on special occasions like birthday, anniversaries and stuff. Yeah, I always had a hard time getting him something. He’s a very practical man. He likes functional things. So I guess I’m going to have to look into wrestling bags. They look like backpacks, easy to carry but slightly roomy.

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