Monday, June 20, 2011

Entertainment options

Have you dreamed of owning a huge multi-storey, picket-fenced house with great home security system like home security redlodge, for example? Well, I’m pretty sure it’s part of everyone’s American dream. I think being wealthy comes with such a high risk for intruders so having a dependable security system at home is a must. We live in a quiet, small retirement community here. I like the fact that we could just park our vehicles outside, or even leave our doors unlocked and still feel secure and confident that no one would break in and steal stuff. But personally, I wouldn’t mind owning a great security system just you know to keep our minds at ease.

On a different note, I just wanna say that I think Netflix is amazing. I watch streaming movies practically everyday 24/7. We do have a subscription with DirecTV, with Filipino channels of course but I get tired of it sometimes. Watching movies on TV is awesome especially when I'm feeding the baby. It's the best way to while away the time, don't you think? How about you? Do you enjoy watching TV and movies?

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