Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Private tour of the powerhouse

We had a personal tour of hubby's work place. I have been to the other plant in Ozark where we used to live but not to this one in Bull Shoals. I've always wanted to see how a dam works so one Friday afternoon, he took us to the power plant and showed us the place. It is actually a hydropower plant which obviously uses water to supply electric power to some parts of the state.

The dam is there to prevent the river from flooding. Due to the incessant rain for the last months, the lake's water level had gone higher than normal. They had to open up the spillway gates to allow lakewater to flow through the river. They did for a while. It had resulted to a little bit of flooding in some lower areas where the river passes through. To make the long story short, Jeff had to come in for a brief overtime so he could lower down some of the gates. He brought us along, gave us a tour and showed me the dam's walkway which was cool because it's just under the bridge. It was a bit scary but perfectly safe. We didn't go to the loud part of the plant which houses the huge turbines, generators and stuff. It was quite an interesting experience.

The dam's walkway underneath the bridge

The lowest part of the dam which is completely submerged in lakewater. It's the coolest part of the plant as well. It still feels like winter here.

Bull Shoals Dam

Jeff in action (push of a button to lower the gates down)

Powerhouse control room

Break room

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Anonymous said...

Do you mind if I ask what does he do? That power plant is humongous. I've also been to my husband's workplace---an elementary school . He is a teacher.

Unknown said...

hi bing. oh i don't mind at all. jeff is a mechanic for the U.S. Corps of Engineers Hydro-electric Power Plant.

Michelle said...

your little one is a cutie! :)

Eric Graham Conversion Doctor said...

Seems exciting especially the place is high. What's your husband's work?