Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In between the wedding preps, I still blog!

In as much as I’d like to update my blog every day, I just can’t. There’s not much time really to even use the computer. I am so busy with the wedding preparations. At times I wish this is just pure vacation, no wedding to take care of. But then this is the whole purpose of this trip…to make my ultimate dream come true…which is to walk down the aisle, on a very pretty wedding gown, in a Catholic church, witnessed by my family, close relatives and chosen friends. So even if the whole thing has almost taken a toll on me, I still wake up in the morning with a smile anticipating the big day ahead. Since blogging has really been a part of my system now, I can't do away with it completely. So whenever I get the chance, I'd sneak in to the computer and write to my heart's content.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, my sister Jingle, her hubby John and son Brennan arrived with my family from Manila last week. I can't believe how fast my nephew had grown. He looks so handsomely mestizo as ever. He's such a handful but the family just love him to be around.He's sweet with his Lolo (my dad) but rough with the rest of us, hehehe. It's just good to have such a cute English-speaking kid in a house full of bisdaks, lol. We all think he needs a dedicated yaya though. With everybody busy doing stuff, sometimes Bren and Andrave are left alone playing and breaking stuff. I know it's hard to find a job these days, but I think it's doubly hard to get a trust-worthy dedicated yaya for the kids. After all, you don't just trust your precious kids to anybody you don't know, do you? So I guess everyone in the house just have to take turns and babysit my nephews. It's a tough job. I've learned it the hard way the other day when me and my sister Jhazel accompanied Bren in Timezone in Ayala. The poor little boy had fun with all the games though. We were tired but seeing the innocent giddy face of Bren while he ran all over the arcade playing bowling, shoot balls, billiards and other kiddie games and stuff, it was all worth-it. I tried to ask myself though after that, am I ready for this? lol! I'd better be, because after this wedding, we'd work on having a baby. Whoa! (*wink)

2 replies:

Vikki said...

its so nice to have family around. we missed having that being in the militray. but they are always in our hearts :) have a great wedding and enjoy!

Juliet said...

It's really hard to find a trustworthy yaya these days. We've been without it for many months now and my baby suffered the stress from travelling to my mom's house early morning and back home late in the evening. Thankfully, we found one now. We just hope she could really take good care of my baby.