Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moalboal Family Beach Outing

In the midst of a busy wedding preparation, we managed to take a short but relaxing breather. One Sunday morning, we thought of driving to Moalboal Bas Daku Beach. It was an impromptu beach outing. We didn't prepare much. We knew we're gonna stay overnight in Club Serena beach resort so we just brought a couple of clean clothes and a swimwear of course. Moalboal is approximately 2 hours away from our place. We dropped by the market and grabbed some lechon baboy, lechon manok, fresh mango, budbod, drinks, chicharon, puso, watermelon, pineapple and saging saba. I love the beach but I prefer the water in the pool. It was low tide when we were there so the seawater was less inviting, however, I enjoy the view especially the small strip of white sands. We rented a small house (casita 1 & 2), a 2-storey house with 2 comfortable rooms. I just love the cool breeze in that place especially in the late afternoon. Yes, it was a long drive but I loved the serenity and the provincial feel of the resort. It was definitely a nice breather. The whole family enjoyed it as well. There's really nothing like Philippines! Woohoo!

Sandy "Jenn"
The gang
The Millers
The Hisoler's sisters
Night swimming in the pool
The entrance
The small house we stayed at
From a different angle

The pathway to the beach
My mama emoting
One last pose before heading out
My dear mama before we went to the pool
This is Me!
Splish splash

My Family minus our youngest sister
Wrestle with mama
Mom and Bren

2 replies:

tx sweetie said...

pagka nindota sa lugar oi tropical kau nga limpyo asta ang balay waaaa ka native...

Nisha said...

Wow these are amazing pics from your holiday Jenn.. i liked all your poses and your mama's too! Keep smiling the way you're always doing in the pics :-)