Thursday, November 19, 2009

My mom turns 49!

It's my mama's birthday and we ate at Gerry's Grill in SM. Two of my cousins were with us and so was our new helper. It was my first time to try again authentic Filipino food. We ordered Seafood Soup, Blue Marlin Steak, Sizzling Chicken, Inihaw na Pusit, Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicken Finger Foods, Adobo Seafood Rice, Special Pansit Bihon, another flavored rice (but couldn't remember the name), Lechon Kawali. I missed these foods and I didn't think about weight gain that night. I allowed myself to binge and I'm glad that I did. There's no food like this in the U.S. This is part of the vacation, you know, to enjoy Filipino foods so I didn't feel guilty, hehehe. It was funny because the restaurant's crew sang a jolly "Happy Birthday" song for mom and they gave her a free scoop of mango-flavored ice-cream. I was happy that mom enjoyed her birthday celebration even if it's just a small family gathering. She was fashionably dressed in red and was the most photographed person that night.

We are all excited for next week. My sister Jingle, BIL John and nephew Bren will be arriving from Illinois. Mom, Dad, cousin Libby and nephew Andrave will be flying to Manila to meet up with them there. My sister is going to treat them to Manila Ocean Park, Star City and Mall of Asia. Mom is busy packing for that 3-day weekend trip. She wanted to get a Kipling luggage but I told her to use my Samsonite luggage instead. It was big enough to fit all of their clothes for that trip. She was excited to see her grandson again. Bren was still 2 when he first visited them and the words he knew of speaking that time was "Over there" and "I did." We would always laugh whenever we ask Bren if he farts and he would respond "I did." But now that he's 4, I bet he can fluently speak English with an American accent better than anybody living in the house right now, lol! This is going to be a fun Christmas for my family.

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

I bet so too Jenn. Its gonna be a wonderful Christmas together. Hay, I miss my family back home!

Nova said...

happy bday to your mom..and many more bday's to come

:) said...

happy birthday to your mom.. shes a hottie! looks like you are having a wonderful time with your family!