Friday, June 20, 2014

Vigilante Parade 2014.

Last month, I had a wonderful opportunity to witness this year’s Vigilante Parade here in Helena which is one of the longest-running high school parades in the nation. The parade was originated in 1924 by Helena High principal A.J. Roberts, whose goal was to replace several activities that had “gotten out of hand,” including Skip Day and Senior-Junior Fight Day.

The parade started around noon-ish so instead of eating lunch, I went down and watched the parade and took pictures. The young minds of these HS students are so brilliant, creative and so full of life. It got a little crowded especially when the parade was in full swing, so I find a sweet spot away from everybody's way. I stood on an elevated part of a building where I can see the floats and participants without having to deal with heads obscuring what could have my great shots.

I used my medium telephoto lens (55-250mm) and I thought that was the perfect lens for that shoot. Not only had I gained an insight on the rich history of this town but I was able to enjoy photography and captured colorful pictures. So hope you enjoy some of the parade highlights as shown below:

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Joanne said...

great shots, Jenn.. Not updating your blog anymore? I just blogged recently myself. C'mon let's get back to blogging. Hehehe