Friday, March 7, 2014

Montana State Capitol.

The weekend after I got my new camera, I went on a self-guided tour inside the Montana State Capitol building. I have heard good things about the place and I just wanted to see for myself if this were indeed true. So armed with my brand-spanking new Canon Rebel T3i, I spent quite some time photographing the exterior of the building using my 18-135mm kit lens. The facade of the building speaks highly about this great piece of architecture. I'm not a history buff but the interior of the capitol just screams of so much history. I could not believe how delighted I was to see a real but old Supreme Court chamber. I would say that my favorite room in the building was the Senate Gallery. The wall art in that room was just awesome. The intricate details of the ceiling, walls, pillars and floors are reason enough to be "wowed". I simply love the main dome and the grand staircase was impressive. I had a great time touring the capitol. It was indeed a lovely photo session for me. Below are the highlights of that tour.

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Healy Harpster said...

That is so neat with amazing designs!