Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A white escape.

Ever since I got my new camera, I have been photographing anything like crazy. They say lots of practice would improve one’s shooting skills considerably, so I tried to take my camera with me and shoot every day. But since it’s still cold, dreary and snowy most of the time, I felt like I am kinda limited to what I can shoot. Surprisingly though, I find photographing wintery subjects fun and addicting.

We had a huge snowstorm last week. We got dumped with about 16 inches of snow. I took that as an opportunity to practice shooting snow. Most of the shots are taken from our backyard. Some are outside my work place. I really enjoyed photographing snow and anything related to it despite the cold weather. Everything looks so white and pristine that it made the experience a lot more fun. For these shots, I dialed the Exposure Compensation up +1 stop to make it look brighter and closely resembles how would snow look like for real which is white. They don't look perfect but for an amateur like me, I'm pretty much happy with it.

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