Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Day...From our family to yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I love holiday celebrations but would prefer to keep everything simple and easy as far as meal preparation is concerned. Well, we wanted to have a whole turkey this time. We’ve had turkey breast before but I thought it would be a nice new experience cooking-wise if we would try a whole bird. So that’s what we had last Thanksgiving dinner. I have scoured the web for a good roast turkey recipe and I decided to give Alton Brown’s recipe a go. His recipe involves brining which was cool because I really wanted to try that. However, two days before Thanksgiving I have talked to my sister and I decided to follow her method of brining instead, lol! So anyway, I love how the turkey tasted. I could not believe how much difference brining does to the roasted bird. It was just amazingly juicy, tender and delicious.

Our dinner was quite simple and small. After all, it was just the three of us anyway, which was just as well because I didn’t think I’m ready to host a big dinner for friends and family, lol! I’m not really good at it even back in the Philippines. I hardly help as far as preparing food on Christmas and New Year, lol! I just thought it’s too much hard work. But now that I have a family of my own, I thought it would not be fair for my little guy and husband if I wouldn’t at least try to make a nice dinner for the three of us. It wasn’t that bad actually. I had some help from hubby and we were able to eat at a decent time. We were quite stuffed right after the meal. We were nappy but we chose to watch a movie on Netflix instead. It was a lovely, relaxed holiday for the three of us. Looking forward to Christmas now!

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