Saturday, November 2, 2013

A year older...a year wiser!

After I turned 29, I kind of quit paying attention as to how old I am, lol! I still do look forward to my birthdays though (6th of Oct) just because I am lavished with gifts and love by hubby and my family in the PI. This year is no different. I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers, a card and a nice bake ware set from hubby. Then when I went online on Facebook, I was surprised to see that my family have taken the effort to buy a nice cake from Red Ribbon to celebrate my birthday. That was really nice of them to do that. We may be miles apart but their love for me simply shows. I miss my family very much.

My birthday wouldn't be complete without hubby baking me a cake, lol! Nothing fancy but I appreciate the effort so much. He does that every year so we can simply call it a tradition in the Lord's household, lol! This year was fun because my little booger was the first to devour the cake. It's as if it's his birthday, lol! It was just really a simple celebration but it means a lot to me because everything about that day showed how much I mean to my husband, my kiddo and my family in the Philippines. We concluded my birthday with a nice family dinner date at my favorite restaurant Chili's. :) What else could I ask for, right? I mean it was indeed a perfect birthday for me.

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kimmy said...

Belated Happy Birthday!