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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Adirondack-inspired lawn chair.

I'm just so proud of hubby's first woodworking project for me that I couldn't help but brag about it on my blog. A couple of weeks ago, he completed a lovely Adirondack-inspired wooden lawn chair painted with Lavish Lavender by Sherwin Williams. I have always wanted to have my own wooden lawn chair specifically Adirondack style. And I saw one at Costco but thought too ordinary for the price. I got lucky that I have a handyman husband. He said he will build one for me. And I thought that would be fun. I helped him pick the color of the paint. I googled for some inspiration and lo and behold, I found this beautiful purple colored lawn chair that I thought I must have, lol! I was really excited and thrilled on how this project would turn out.

He had spent most of his weekends and a few hours after work for like almost a month to complete this project. I know he enjoys woodworking a lot so even that alone was really worth it.

Personally, I think there's really something special about a furniture that's designed and made specially for you. And that's exactly how I feel about the whole thing. I mean from the paint color down to the right angle of the chair's back was made for my comfort and style.

I really really love the way the chair came out. I know that hubby loves woodworking and he had done some pretty cool stuff before we met but I mean this is the first time that he has done one for me. And I must say I was definitely blown away. There's no denying that it was one great quality furniture and of course the labor of love was there. Aside from the lavishly pretty paint color, lol! I love how sturdy it is. It's built to last for a very long time. I am just so glad I didn't settle for a ready-made, cheap-quality chair from the store. This is definitely way more better. I can see love written all over this furniture, lol!

Ok, enough said! Let me share with you more pics of my new chair. Now I have more reason to look forward to next year's summer season, lol! Luv it!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hubby's ingenuity paid off.

It was September of last year when we bought our first place. We had been renting before then. It was a nice feeling to be able to have a house we can call our own. At the same time, trying to get settled in our new place was a bit overwhelming. We are still in the process of decorating, arranging, deciding which furniture do we need to stay and what to get rid of, doing layouts and what not. We figured we are not really in a rush here since we intend to stay for probably at least 10 years or so. We definitely love the area, hubby likes his job and his co-workers and we love our house so we really could see ourselves living here probably not forever, but at least long enough to enjoy this place and build up some home equity.

When we were doing our house hunting, it was not really our intention to buy a big starter home. But when we saw this house, we just knew that this was what we were looking for. A three-level house with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a 1,056 square foot fully finished basement and a detached oversized 2-car garage, we are definitely not going to outgrow this place anytime soon, lol! Once we're done setting up the guest room for my father-in-law's visit, hubby finally took the inspiration to move 3 heavy things that I had been wanting him to move down to the basement. We plan to section the basement into functional rooms like probably a little bit of a family room, a workout room and a little office room, so I want some of our old things to go down there. It might not be in the near future because this can be pretty expensive but we're starting with the things that we already have. The house came with a refrigerator already so the one that we currently own needs to do down there. Then father-in-law gave us a new flat screen TV so our old school unit goes in the basement as well, lol! And of course since I would like our work out room there as well, our treadmill goes in there too. You see, these are very heavy stuff to move so I don't blame hubby for procrastinating and putting this task off over and over again, lol!
photo not mine

Being a handyman and a plant mechanic himself, he has been working on a plan on how to do this. But the real skeptic in me obviously doubted as to how this would pan out, but since I wouldn't be much of a help either, I just trusted his instincts and ability. His idea was to build some ramps and use a block and tackle to lower the load. A block and tackle is a system of two or more pulleys with a rope or cable threaded between them, usually used to lift or pull heavy loads, according to Wikipedia. Well, it could probably have been much easier if we would just hire some people to move our (sh*t) stuff, but we're cheap and besides he finds it mentally stimulating to do projects like this so I let him be. This may look like an old school approach in tackling this task but this proved to be effective and easy nonetheless. No one got injured and the load made it down safely.

So here are some before and during photos that I took. The treadmill was lowered last and I had to be on the receiving end to make sure the wheels of the lift dolly stay on the ramp, and so I couldn't take pictures of that. Anyway, we're just glad that we finally took care of this. I can't wait to put that treadmill to good use, lol!