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Saturday, October 19, 2013


I love to try new food and new places to eat. So when I heard about Karmadillos, a Southwestern Mexican Cafe in the southwest corner of downtown, I thought I would give it a try. I went there on a Friday work week to have lunch and I thought their pork rice bowl was pretty amazing. The cafe itself is pretty small but they set up a nice dining area outside which makes you enjoy a hearty meal with a spectacular view of the mountains.

It is located on Reeder's Alley, an oldest piece of early Helena. The walk to the restaurant was actually quite interesting because to get to the place, you have to walk through an historic alley with pathway that resembles some kind of cobblestone. For some reason, it gave me the feeling that I was walking on Diagon Alley in Harry Potter books, lol! Alright, I don't know why I said that, lol! Going back to the restaurant I was talking about.

It was late summer when I first ate there and I must say the wonderful view adds to a nice dining experience.

I think the menu is pretty much affordable. I have heard some great things about their rice bowls so that's why I tried them first. And I like it.

The first time I went there, I ate alone but since I like the place, I thought I'd invite hubby for a lunch date on one of his Fridays off. It's actually funny since we have not had much of dates ever since we had Caleb so it was kinda a weird but nice feeling to be able to finally go out and have brief but memorable dates again.

Oh wait, I guess I must have liked this place so much because I went back for the third time yesterday to have lunch, lol! I thought I'd go all out this time and ordered their dundee rice bowl with beef, pork and chicken. That was awesome! I felt like a tick after, lol! It's a shame that I had to go back to work and felt worthless since all I wanted to do was crawl under my desk and take a nap, lol! That was how full I was. Then when I went home I found out hubby stopped at Taco John's after work because he was craving for Karmadillos rice bowl and thought he'd find one there, tsk! Of course not! So he ended up getting some tacos instead. Du'h! So imagine how jealous he was when I told him I had lunch at Karmadillos that day. Haha!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hubby and I love this food. I first heard of it from a friend at a Filipino gathering. She got excited because these were like $4.00 dollars off at Costco with coupon that time, then I got curious and head out to Costco myself. Lo and behold! We finally tried it ourselves. They taste great! I couldn't exactly remember how much they cost and when I bought them they were no longer on sale. However, I don't care about the price. I definitely would want to buy these again. It's so simple to heat. Perfect for those lazy days when you don't want to make an elaborate meal for the family. We had this for lunch on weekends. As a matter of fact, father-in-law was here when we first tried it. So he got to sample this too and I'm glad he liked it as well.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pinoy Style Pork Barbeque.

I was inspired to make pork bbq the other night. I had a couple of 3 pound pork sirloin in the freezer which I got from Costco,  but I didn't want to bake it so I thought pork bbq sounds like a good choice. I got the recipe from Panlasang Pinoy which I frequent whenever I need some dinner inspirations. All the ingredients needed were in my pantry so everything went pretty easy and quick.

Hubby gobbled several pork sticks while commenting how yummy it was, lol! I wish my little guy had tried it but he's really such a picky eater, he hardly tries anything new. I made him a different dish, sauteed spinach with pork and paired it with rice. He loved it.

Since it's only me and hubby who's eating the bbq, I thought I could have some leftovers for next day's dinner. But it hadn't made it to dinner alright. We both finished the few sticks left for breakfast and lunch, lol! Yep, that good huh! I've always loved pork bbq since I was still in the Philippines. The only difference was back there, I didn't have to make them. I just go out of our house and lo and behold, several of our neighbors have little bbq stands outside their house so I just usually buy it from them. That is not the case here though. I have to make it from scratch, actually put some labor of love into it. Glad that it turned out the way I would have liked it. And the best part hubby loved it too!